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Life at Cluan

Life at Cluan is a peaceful oasis providing you with a country lifestyle combined with access to the modern amenities. 

It is a life that involves outdoor fun, growing your own organic produce, taking a bush walk through the many trails, fishing, golf and a 40 minute drive into Hobart for that Saturday morning shop at Salamanca.   

The Derwent River

Unobstucted beach front access to the clean and pure water of the Derwent River provides a great swimming source for those warmer days in the summer.  The point of access into the river is safe to swim in, with only the temperature of the water being the real test!

If you prefer to be on top of the water then the Derwent River is great place to throw your kayak in. The upper Derwent Valley is well known for interesting and stunning kayak tours, combining the slow tranquility of the river with grade two rapids.  At the end of the driveway at Cluan one set of rapids has an established slalom course (apparently a good beginners leg for moving from flat water into faster moving rapids).  Entry into the river is outside the property along Onslows Road.


Anglers who enjoy their sport will have great pleasure with what is on offer in the Derwent Valley.  There are many accessible fishing spots and it is a well supported activity amongst the locals.  For those that just like to give it a go every now and then, on a long summers evening there is nothing more pleasurable than being able to wander down to the banks of the river, throw a few lines in and see how your luck is going.

Walks to enjoy

Around the local area of Cluan there are many walks and trails to enjoy.  There is an unused train line that runs past the back of the property which allows a natural walking passage heading either towards Bushy Park (Mount Field direction) or New Norfolk (Hobart direction).

Access to the Derwent Valley and Mt Field National Park

The Derwent Valley is one of the most picturesque and scenic area of Tasmania.  From the different stages of the Derwent River, to the cherry and hop farms, along with the rolling hills of the valley; beautiful scenery is in abundance.  Cluan is also on the doorstep of one of Tasmania's favourite and much loved national park.  Only a 20 minute drive is the main access point and visitors centre to Mount Field National Park.  Enjoy the many walks, picnic areas and wildlife on offer.  

Local stores and fresh produce

New Norfolk is the capital of the Derwent Valley and only a 10 km drive from Cluan.  New Norfolk is a great hub that has schools, a large supermarket, petrol stations, bakeries, local pubs and restaurants, hardware store and other places to grab those odds and ends.  While along the local roads of the Derwent Vallley there is nothing nicer than picking up some fresh cherries, raspberries and other locally grown fruit and vegetables.  While at Cluan there is a well maintained orchard growing trees that seasonally produce organic apples, pears, apricots, plums and cherries.  Added to these fruits are walnut and almond trees, vegetable patches and an old medlar tree (a fruit normally only found at selected grower markets and that makes a great jelly accompaniment to some good Tasmanian cheese).  


Cluan is located in Plenty, an area of the Derwent Valley currently undergoing a rejuvernation of some of the well known Tasmanian estates.  Redlands located along the Plenty River recently announced a multi-million-dollar development of a whisky distillery.  The new distillery will be following the concept of paddock-to-bottle using barley grown on the estate and on-site made malt.    Alongside, Redlands along the Plenty River is the oldest trout hatchery in the Southern Hemisphere; The Salmon Ponds.  Here you can feed the trout, enjoy a lunch at the Pancakes by the Pond Restaurant, or just take a walk around the pond's established and beautiful grounds.